Welcome to my full course review of Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James.

I have included both the video version of this review and the text version below which contains all relevant links etc.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is created by one of my mentors Stefan James and it was first released in July 2016.


Why I Joined Affiliate Marketing Mastery

I knew straight away that I wanted to be one of the first people on the course, part of the reason for that was that affiliate marketing is absolute ultimate business model.

With affiliate marketing there’s no customer service, or creating products. Your whole job literally becomes promoting links and that’s all.

I had had some experience with affiliate marketing in the past but I knew that by following the guidance of somebody who has already had major success with affiliate marketing that I could scale my affiliate marketing income much faster.

Another reason for purchasing Affiliate Marketing Mastery was that I trusted Stefan. I had already had success with some of Stefan’s previous courses. I knew that Stefan had always over-delivered in his products. So I knew that this would be a good investment.

First Impressions of Affiliate Marketing Mastery

When you first login to the members area, you’ll see a link that will take you over to the Facebook group so you can join the Facebook group which is just for Affiliate Marketing Mastery members. The Facebook group is absolutely wonderful. We all help each other and support each other and we all celebrate each other’s successes.

The members area itself is set out into modules, everything is done step by step, it’s very newbie friendly, very user friendly and it literally goes through everything, in mini, digestible steps, giving you homework for each lesson which ensure you take action!

There are also some fantastic bonuses, so you’ll hear Stephan talk to some of his colleagues or people that he’s joint ventured with in the past and hear about some of their successes.

It’s a really great balance of inspiration and learning.

One thing I love is that everything is there as soon as you log in. With some courses they tend to drip feed content, so you would only get one module opened up to you every week. I tend to like to binge consume content. So I would’ve been really disappointed if I logged in and it had been drip fed!

All the content was there which meant you could work through it entirely at your own speed. Since that initial launch date of Affiliate Marketing Mastery there has been even more content added;  there has been more interviews; there has been case studies; there has been an email support course. So it’s been absolutely fantastic because Stefan is always over-delivering. And every now and again he’ll just kind of throw something out there, like a live question and answer session. So that’s really helpful as well.

I already had my blog set up when I joined Affiliate Marketing Mastery, so I wasn’t actually expecting to learn anything in the first couple of modules however I was very wrong.

My blog actually had some really important elements missing and I had no idea about that. So simple plug-ins that literally take two minutes to integrate, that help me with the SEO of my site and to get my articles ranked or make the experience more user friendly for users of the site, were just set out for me in the course, and I hadn’t even thought about them-or the importance of them! So literally the cost was worthwhile from the word go.

Going Through Affiliate Marketing Mastery

I started working through the modules and it got my blog set up as I wanted to. I had it improved. I had someone come in and design things for me. I started working through Stefan’s attraction methods.

These attraction methods are all about providing quality content to attract people to follow you. It might be a blog post or Facebook posts or videos,  But it all boils down to providing really high quality content so that people want to follow you and also that they get starting to get to know you and start to trust you.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, actually, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye! Stefan guides you through this process step by step and shows you how to create content for all of the major social media platforms.

This is something Stephan is an expert on. He’s been doing it for the past 5 years since he launched his blog. He really does know his stuff when it comes to attracting people to you.

The course then talks about promotion and how you can do different promotion strategies to promote affiliate links to your followers.

Again, there is a lot of ways to do this and the course shows you exactly how to warm your audience up to you so that they trust you.

My Affiliate Marketing Mastery Experience

My blog traffic has grown hugely since I started, my email marketing has improved, and Affiliate Marketing Mastery taught me an awful lot!.

The best thing about it is that Stefan has tried to include all the free traffic resources.

So you don’t have to spend a load of money to make money with this business.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a get rich quick over night scheme. It takes a long time to build followers and it’s been absolutely wonderful journey so far which I’m continuing with.

My only criticism of the course, is that it doesn’t include much training on paid traffic. However, some of the bonus modules do cover a small amount on paid traffic, and I think it is something he will probably add more to in the future. As it stands right now, it took Stefan four years to become a millionaire using the free methods he teaches alone- which is pretty good going!

I think it’s great you can literally set up this business at the cost of your hosting which is what 10 pounds a month or $10 a month wherever you’re at.

I made my first affiliate sale around about 4 weeks after starting the course. It wasn’t massive sale but that didn’t matter. I made about $21.

It was just the fact that I made that sale so I knew it was scalable that I could continue from there.

Obviously I have various kinds of businesses. I have a kindle publishing business, I have an e-commerce business, and I’m an instructor for Amazing.com because I have an Amazon business. However, Affiliate marketing is such a great business model, I now spend a lot of my time working on my blog.

It also brings me great joy to be able to help people and receive feedback from people who my blog is helping. The great thing is, you can create a blog in almost any niche, so whatever your passion is, you can create your business around it!

In November I made more than $1000 dollars from affiliate marketing. I am still waiting to be paid for some of it, but here are some screenshots, just to show you the potential for money to be made, if you’re willing to work hard.


evidence2 So that’s a little overview of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course.

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