If you are a regular follower of mine, you may have seen me mention a few times about some amazing news, relating to a project I have been working on.

Well… This project is now LIVE, which means I am now able to share my amazing news with you.

For the past few weeks I have been working alongside one of the largest e-learning providers in the online business space, to create a course.

Today, after a lot of hard work, my new course went live on the Amazing.com platform.


If you have not heard of Amazing. They are a company who began with one flagship course, the highly successful ‘Amazing Selling Machine’. This course focused on selling on Amazon.

Over time their business has developed to include multiple instructors offering a huge range of e-learning courses. Everything from Amazon to Fiverr business courses are available, at a very reasonable monthly price.

All of the instructors have real life success and teach using step by step, actionable lessons.

As an e-learning platform, Amazing really is up there and positioned as one of the best.

My course is called Niche Riches- Building a People Based Business (An Amazon Course), and is available as part of Amazing’s monthly subscription.

The great thing is, Amazing offer a free trial, and so you can test out some of the courses and see if it’s for you, but to be honest, with the amount of value on offer for the subscription price-It is a steal!

The course count is currently at 159 and counting!

My Course ‘Niche Riches- Building a People Based Business (An Amazon Course)’ Focuses on building a business not around a product, but around people.

So basically, instead of going out there and ‘guessing’ at products that will be successful, I take you step by step how to research products that help people and are ‘NEEDED’

This is called solution selling and is a very powerful sales technique.

I also incorporate a second sales technique called social selling, this helps you stand out from competitors and promote your products for free.

This is a system I developed through experience after spending many years ‘guessing’ products I thought would sell well, and realising I was entirely focused on the wrong thing. Making a profit. As soon as I shifted my mindset and began to focus on providing value to my customers and solutions to their problems, my business shifted as well.

In the course, I take you step by step through my entire research system for creating a sustainable, profitable business on Amazon, and then how to scale it to other platforms.

I even throw in a couple of my ninja tricks, such as how to get paid on products twice!

I am really excited about my partnership with Amazing.com and I cannot recommend them highly enough as a company.

All of the courses are very high quality and there is literally a course on every topic.

So guys, that’s it for now, I just wanted to share my Amazing news with you all!

Until Next Time…

Stacey Berriman

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  • Ken Burg

    Stacey, I’m not finding anything with that name on amazing. Do you have a direct link? Thanks.

  • Stacey Berriman

    Hey Ken, someone else had that problem and sorted the courses there by newest course first and found it that way. Hope that helps 🙂