When you first start out in the online business space, it’s choosing a business model that will probably confuse you the most. Why? Because there are hundreds of options and hundreds of experts offering advice!

I wanted to make a short post about choosing the business model that’s right for you, because when it comes down to it, it’s not what the experts say that matters, it’s what fits in with your own lifestyle, skills and investment.

Feel free to read on, or watch the video! Whichever suits you best- I’m flexible like that 😉 !

When you first start out in the online business space it can be really overwhelming and frustrating because there are so many different business models available to you. There seems to be information thrown at you from all ways.

There are people offering different free courses and there are webinars going on all over Facebook. Which is great, never before have we had access to so much high quality, free information.

However, this can also pose a problem. ‘Shiny Object Syndrome.’

I completely have the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ and I sign up for every one of those free webinars.

Part of the reason for that is that I find myself in a position where I want to be constantly on the ball of what is the latest method, what is the latest in thing that’s going to grow my business or what is the latest business model.

And there is nothing wrong with that at all if you’re willing to be open minded and learn that’s great.

But… what I will say is if you decide right I’m going to put all of these business models into action, you’re never going to get anywhere with any of them. That is the truth of it right there.

I learned this the hard way!

This I’ve personally learned from in the past because I really, really struggled with sticking to one thing.

I would start a product business in the craft area, then one in the pet area. Then a service business in the wedding niche, then do some affiliate marketing, blogging and publishing.

I was very busy, and I would make some money from each of them, but what I found was that as soon as I totally focused my efforts on ONE thing, that would have more success than the other five put together!

I never used to really stick with anything long enough to make it very successful; I would have far too many things on the go. I wasn’t till I changed my perception of what a successful business was that things started to fall into place.

What I mean by that was I used to think ‘well if I have 20 businesses on the go each do an X amount each then I’ll reach my target’ the reality was, I was overworked, stressed and struggling to juggle everything. Turns out choosing so many business models was not the way to go!

I was diluting my time, energy, focus and resources and it made me really struggle.

So what I did instead was start to focus on the people.

I very much condone building the people based business now.

If you have done my course my Amazon course on Amazing.com you’ll see that’s what that is focused on as well is building a people based business.

It’s about finding your target audience and really catering for their needs and going that way about it.

What can you provide, and who can you provide it for?

This is the question you need to answer before you jump into choosing a niche/product or business model.

Really delve deep into the mindset of your perfect customer, and discover what their biggest problems are!

That’s not to say you’ll never ever have another business.

I currently have a product based business, a kindle publishing business on the go,  2 different blogs and I’m in the process of launching another. That’s fine because I now have people to help me, I now know the system. When you’re learning that system it’s really important that you choose one business model.

And I know that this will resonate with a lot of people, because I know how common it is to have this Shiny Object Syndrome where you’re jumping around and you’re desperate to find the right business model for you.

So all I’m saying is really  think about who you want to target. Who is it you want to help more than anything because that’s when you start making money!

So really focus on your target audience and what you can do for them. Then create your products in your business around that and you won’t go far wrong.


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