Wow! It has been a crazy week in the world of Kindle Publishing!

Many publishers were utilizing a method whereby they put a link in the front of their book that took readers to the back of their back, and offering a free bonus to do so. This would register with Amazon as a fully read book.

Until now, Amazon have kept quiet about this method, but pretty much every publisher I know has this week has had an email asking for all of these links to be removed. Some accounts were suspended, and some people are still waiting to find out their royalties as Amazon has deducted royalties from them.

They are also now asking for other measures such as a table of contents in every book (little difficult in an 8000 word romance novel) and some people have even had quality notifications for extra line spacing etc.

It looks as though Amazon is on a mission, and formatting is going to be a much more important feature of the publishing process than it has been previously.

I have been lucky not to have been hit with too many quality notices like some of the publishers, as I only added the linking system to one or two of my books, but this has certainly been a challenge for myself, and for other publishers. What I have learnt from this is two things, 1) problems will arise! You have to pick yourself up and soldier through. 2) It’s not good to have all of your eggs in one basket. Amazon every now and again will flex their muscles like this (quite rightly so) and it just serves to remind us all, that they can take away our hard earned royalties with the click of a mouse.

This has made me feel blessed to have other incomes streams, but also, made me realize just how fragile some of the business models can be if you don’t follow the rules.

In short guys- make sure you comply with all terms of service if you’re working on a business using a platform such as EBay or Amazon.

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