This is the first video in the affiliate marketing trainings that I mentioned last week. This particular training focuses on Clickbank and how you can use it to make money suggesting products to your family, friends or audience.

I have included the video link which will talk you through everything, but the information in the video is also written in text below.

Enjoy 🙂

Clickbank & Affiliate Marketing Overview

ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate networks around.

An affiliate network is a place where vendors (people that own their own products or courses) can list their offers and then affiliates can go and choose a product to promote that suits their niche or suits their audience.

There are two stages to being an affiliate.

The first is to find a product that’s suitable and the second is to promote that product.

You can promote either via paid traffic or you can promote to your audience if you’ve already attracted an audience to you.

So if you have an email list or Facebook or a YouTube following, then you can promote to that audience.

Finding A Product On Clickbank

There’s literally hundreds and hundreds of products to choose from. So usually whatever niche you are in, you can find a product that’s going to match your audience.

So for example, if you scroll down and have a look at some of the categories inside Clickbank, you’ll see  things like spirituality, home and garden, health and fitness, e-business.

You can find products by searching through the categories, but what I tend to do is click the search button without putting anything into the search bar.


This will bring up the most popular products on ClickBank. Now you might think that if that if they are the most popular products, then you don’t want to be promoting them because you’re going to have a lot of competition.

Usually however, the case is that these are the offers that are converting the best, and so, where possible, you want to try and stick with these products!

Now, once you have done the initial search, you can then begin to narrow it down using the categories on the left.

You can see that the products have a short ‘pitch’. The pitch will usually talk about things like upsells. (An upsell is an opportunity for a customer to buy a more expensive product or a second product after they’ve already bought a first one, and you would get extra commissions on that!)


Some will have a web address where they are offering affiliate tools. Affiliate tools include things like banners that you can put on your website or Facebook page.Email swipes (template emails that you can send out to your list that promote the product).

If you are going to use email swipes, is don’t just copy and paste them. Tweak them and use them as templates to make that little bit more targeted to your audience, because nobody knows your audience better than you do.

Most of all you want to look at the gravity number. If you see a gravity of 20o, it means that, there is at least 200 affiliates that have made money with this product this month. So the higher the number, the more affiliates that have actually made money with that product, and that’s one of the main things that you need to look at when you’re considering an offer.


Ideally when you’re doing affiliate marketing, it should be a product that you’ve gone used yourself, now that’s the ideal. I know that a lot of people won’t necessarily have gone through any course or used any products from here.

You can actually email the vendor and say, “Would it be possible for me to have a review copy of this product because I would like to promote it?” Sometimes they will let you have access to the product, but that’s usually when you’re an established affiliate.

If you haven’t had access to the product, you could also go around and do the customer research for them. So watch the reviews of the product on YouTube and collate a collection of them. Write down what points people found good about the product, write down what points people found bad about the product. This way you can tell people honestly what you found in your research.

That’s the name of the game. It’s about being honest and ethical in everything that you do.

Something you may also look at is products that rebill. I quite like promoting continuity products. (A product that has a reoccurring charge) – so for example, if one of your referrals pays $30 a month to access a course,  you’ve got a percentage of that on a monthly reoccurring basis.

So you’ve got that income for as long as the customer stays with that product or company, creating passive reoccurring income!

You can also search by trial. Trial products offer a ‘tester’ of the item either for free or a very low price. The trial offers are really interesting because you get a lot of people signing up initially. Now obviously not everybody who signs up for the trial is going to take the full products, but it’s a great way to get people interested and get people trying out the product.

You’ve may also choose to search for offers that work for mobile traffic, because if you’re doing Facebook ads for example, and you’re sending traffic that’s coming from mobile and the website doesn’t handle mobile traffic really well and the page looks all distorted, then you’re not going to make any sales.

These extra search options are located on the left side menu.

Now that’s just a quick general overview of ClickBank and what I would suggest you do is just get on there and have a play around with it, see what products you can find, write some of them down, make lists of which products you think would be suitable, what you would like to promote, what you would personally mesh with because I think that’s part of it.

If you can get excited about a product, it’s then easier to sell. For example, there’s a spirituality product on Clickbank that I have promoted, and I went through the video sales pitch myself, and by the end of it, I wanted to buy the product. I was so excited by it.

So if you find a product that you feel excited by, then when you come across in your emails and videos as trying to sell this product, people are going to be able to sense that you’re excited about it and that makes it difference to conversions as well.

One of the things that I would suggest doing is actually to click on the product title and that will open in a new window, and brings up their sales page. Have a look at the sales page and think okay, is this something that I would enjoy, is this something that I would buy, do I think it’s good quality.

VSL’s (Video Sales Letters) are now often used, as they convert higher, However, they don’t always play on mobile, so you need to check it out on all devices and see what will work with the traffic you plan to drive to the offer.

So I know this has been a lot of information to take in one go, but I hope that’s been helpful.

Get yourselves on to ClickBank, (it’s, have a research, have a look and see if you can find any products that would be suitable for your list or suitable to your own interests and passions or even products that you’ve used yourself.

Finding Offers Outside of Clickbank

Clickbank isn’t the only option for affiliate products.

Most companies actually have an affiliate programme.

So if you have been using a product (Let’s use FitBit as an example), go onto Google and search ‘FitBit Affiliate Programme’

The search results will bring up Fit Bits website, but if you scroll to the bottom of their home page, you will usually see a little link that says ‘Affiliates’. This is where you can join their programme.

This way, you can actually promote a product that you’ve used, you might do a video review on it, on YouTube or a total review written on your blog, or just recommend to your friends on Facebook. You can just include your affiliate link for anybody who’s interested in buying.



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