So today, I want to show you how to add a manager to your Facebook ad account.

Ok, so I know this one is not really a marketing video, but sometimes, it’s useful to know how to outsource some of the marketing tasks within our businesses.

When I first started in online business, I struggled with letting go of the reins, and wanted to do every task myself. The trouble was, I was burning myself out. It took me a long time to realise that by outsourcing some tasks, (such as your Facebook ads if you’re not confident with it yourself) will help you increase your own productivity as well as ease your workload making your business more passive.

Facebook ads is not an area I outsource as I enjoy it, but I know for a lot of people they find it a little overwhelming, especially with talk of the Facebook pixel and code, and although Facebook advertising is a skill that is useful to learn, sometimes, it’s handy to know you can outsource it if you need to.

I have also included written steps below the video in case this will be helpful for you.

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can add a manager to your ads account on Facebook so that they can run and create ads on your behalf. It’s a really simple process and it allows you to outsource some of your marketing.

Step 1

Log into your Facebook ad account. (Providing your account is set up, you will find this option on your Facebook home page under ‘explore’)

However, if you don’t have that option there, it means that your ad account is not fully active yet. In this case you will need to go through the process of activating your Facebook ad account, see the video for more information on how to do this.

Step 2

Once in your Facebook ad account, you will see a little symbol at the top left that is three little horizontal lines. This is what is called the ‘hamburger’.

Click the hamburger and select ‘ad account settings’

If you do not see the ‘ad account settings’ option here, you will need to click ‘all tools’ and that will bring up the full video (see the video for an over the shoulder on this).

Step 3

Next, click ad account roles.

From there you can simply click ‘add a user’ input their name and select their role which is either going to be admin, advertiser or analyst and click submit.

An admin has full access to your Facebook ad account, an advertiser can create and manage ads within your Facebook ad account and an analyst can simply view data within the account to establish problem areas etc.

It’s important that you only give full access to your account (ie. admin status) to someone you completely trust as they will be able to view or edit your account billing page.

I hope that’s been helpful guys!