I have had a few people contact me recently asking for help with Facebook Ads.

Because of this, I have decided to put together a series of videos with steps for creating great Facebook ads.

This is the first video in that series.

Why Facebook Ads?

If you get Facebook ads right, then it absolutely amazing.

Why? because with Facebook traffic you can supercharge your targeting.

You are no longer relying on someone searching a keyword like you would be on Google, instead, you are placing your ad in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of interested eyes.

Your First Step in Facebook Ads

Now, your first step when creating a Facebook ad, is to research it correctly.

You want to be targeting the correct people after all!

Luckily, Facebook has taken all of the hard work from this for you, with their audience insight tool.

This tool is incredible, and the information you can gain from it free of charge will actually help you in other areas of your business as well.

So here is the step by step breakdown (demonstration in video)

Step 1

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager, and then click Audience Insights. (Pretty easy so far right?)

Step 2

Add a couple of interests as related to your niche.

For example, my business is related around business and entrepreneurs, so I would add well respected marketers to my interests.

I may also scroll through the’business’ suggestions that Facebook gives me and add things like online marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more.

The more you add to this list, the more accurate your information will be.

Make sure you take a note of all the interests you are adding as you go through this process.

Step 3

You can now begin and look at the information Facebook is displaying.

Facebook has unbelievable artificial intelligence, and from the information you have given it, will pull a lot of data including the ages, martial status, jobs, education and interests (and more!) of all of the people on interested in your chosen topics.

What this now does, is give you an opportunity to begin to create a picture of your avatar. (Your avatar is your target customer basically)

So, for example, from this very simple, two minute task, you now have:

The age of your target audience (you can use this in your Facebook Ad)

The gender of your target audience (yep, this too)

The martial status of your target audience (aha!)

The education level of your target audience (you getting it now?)

and so forth, even right down to the pages they like so you can target them too!

In fact- what Facebook has done, has told us exactly who to target to make our ads successful!

Amazing huh?

So, you’re homework is to go and find out who you are going to be targeting when we make our ad in the next video!

I hope this has been helpful!

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