Welcome to part four of my goal setting workshop!

By now, you should have completed the first three steps of the goal setting workshop. In video one, you should have set your long-term goals, so your ideal life and you should know what your ideal life looks like and how much that’s going to cost. In video two, you should have set your goals for the up-and-coming year. In video three, we looked at breaking those down to track the progress over the year and to make sure that we can actually achieve those goals with the actions that we are taking.

This stage of the goal setting plan is one of the more important. This is creating actions based on the target.

You now have a notebook, or at least you should if you’ve done the first three tasks, with January, February, March, April – and mini goals for every month that you need to achieve.

You now need to assign actions to those mini goals. For example, if I said I want to create 15 YouTube videos a month. I know that in order to do that, my action is that I need to get on and record X amount of videos a day. I can then put in my to-do list every day, because I utilize a daily to-do list. It’s about taking the actions and putting them into a workable schedule and actually taking action to do that to achieve your goals.

For example, if you said you wanted to get 1000 YouTube subscribers by the 10th month, that means that you need to get 100 YouTube subscribers a month. You need to then break that down into steps of how you’re going to do that. Part of that might be creating more videos. Part of that might be running some YouTube ads to get more subscribers. It’s just a case of breaking down these mini goals into steps, so that you can then start and take those actions and make those goals happen.

Some of them are going to be simpler than others. Things like weight loss for example. If you’ve got a weight loss goal and it is to lose 8 pounds in a month,  you then need to put that into actionable steps, so how are you going to do that. You might say okay, I’m going to exercise X amount of times a week, I’m going to eat clean every day except one day a week and allow myself a treat day. It’s all about creating a plan and a schedule to create the goals.

What that does is it makes it so much easier to almost get your head around achieving, because obviously, if you’ve got a massive goal, it can be quite off putting to think ‘how on earth am I going to achieve that’. When you break it down into mini steps and then mini actions, it becomes bite-sized and much more achievable.

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