The benefits of goal setting are multiple. To name a few, they keep you focused, motivated and give you a vision to work towards.

Coming from my own spiritual viewpoint, I also believe that by setting a goal and visualising what that goal would look like, you help yourself take actions to manifest that goal.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to goal set and if you do it incorrectly it can just as much hinder you as it can help you.

So in this article, I am going to talk about goal setting and the correct way to go about it!


Tips for Goal Setting

Make a Life Road Map

Don’t set goals that are way out of your reach at present, for example, if your life goal is to be in the Olympics, don’t make your first goal ‘to be in the Olympics.’ What you need to do is break up the path to the Olympics in mini steps and each of those steps becomes a stepping stone on your life road map.

So, for example, There is a very particular house I want to own, I have wanted to own this house for a while, but it is extremely expensive, and so, I worked out what the mortgage payments would be on that house, and therefore what income I would need to achieve to be able to afford this house. I then look at what I would need to achieve in my business in order to create that income, and then set mini goals for income increases.

I know have a road map to my dream house mapped out in mini achievable steps.

The benefits of goal setting in this manner is that you won’t become overwhelmed by a mini goal and just think ‘I’ll never achieve that’ the mini steps on my life road map are achievable, and even though it may take me a few years to reach my goal, I know I have a step by step plan to get there.

Review Your Goals

Sometimes, people change, goals change, life circumstances change. It’s important that you take the time on a regular basis to (weekly, monthly, quarterly, as often as you can really) ensure the goals that you have set are still relevant to you.

Doing this will ensure you are always on the right path to the ‘epic life’ you have always dreamed of!

Make Goals SMART

You have probably at some point in your life of heard of “SMART” targets.

This method of goal setting has been around for some time, but it is still very applicable. So here goes…

SPECIFIC- Goals should be specific, not general. So if it is a monetary goal, put a number on it, if it is related to subscribers, or weight loss put a number on it!

MEASURABLE- Your goal must be measurable, you must know if you have achieved it, again this comes down to being specific really, as with specific goals, you will know when you have hit the number or achieved the goal!

ACHIEVABLE- As in the road map plan I talked about earlier, you want to make mini goals that are achievable rather than huge goals that are at present out of your reach. This doesn’t mean you will never achieve them, it just means there are a few extra steps along the way. this will help you stay focused and motivated.

RELEVANT-Your goal needs to be relevant to your life path, it’s no use setting a goal stating I am go out tomorrow and get a job as a doctor if you are qualified in law! Again this comes down to mini steps, you could eventually go out and get a job as a doctor but you have too put in the hard work first!

TIME BOUND- This is a very important part of goal setting. You need to ensure that you put a time on each step. If you don’t you may never get anywhere with the goal. So, when you have a goal, make sure you set a time frame alongside it.

For example. “I will be earning $X per month by December 2016 by publishing X number of Kindle books.”

This goal is time bound, but it is also specific, and relevant, and as soon as you add the numbers that would suit your personal circumstances it becomes achievable. This is ALMOST, a perfectly formatted goal, apart from one small detail…

Say it in the Present Tense!

Ok, so this one is a little out there, but I have spoken to literally dozens of VERY successful people who all use this method when they are goal setting.

You want to word your goals as if they have already manifested in your life.

For example: “I am easily earning £X by December 2016 by publishing X Number of Kindle books.”

I guess the reasoning behind this, is that if you are saying it in present tense, you are almost visualising it, which is part of the law of attraction. I will probably do a post on the law of attraction at some point so watch out for that, but as strange as it may sounds, this works! (and what have you got to lose right?!)

Ok, lastly a couple more tips…

Write Them Down

Sounds obvious I know, but it’s important to write down your goals so you can remember and review them on a regular basis.

I like to hang my life road map on my cork board in my office, so I can see my next step on my journey and where it is leading me.

Team Up With Someone…

Sometimes, you just need someone to keep you accountable, so find a forum or Facebook group and find someone who has similar goals to you that you can buddy up with to keep each other on track.

Often surrounding yourself with like minded people can be a key to success, which is why mastermind groups are so powerful in the online business space.

If you can’t find anyone, then tell your friends and family or post it on Facebook, this will keep you on track as you won’t want to face the ridicule of failing.


I hope this has been of some help to you.

If you are interested in learning more about goal setting or the law of attraction then you can check out the below books.


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