This goal setting workshop was the first video I recorded in 2017, however, it took a while for me to publish this!

I have spent an awful lot of time working with my web designer to ensure the new site changeover went smoothly, This meant I didn’t quite have as much time to focus on posts and such, but I am back now!

First of all, I’ve got some massive plans for this year, and hopefully, you guys have some big plans for your own businesses in 2017.

I’m really excited about what this year has to bring. Between Christmas and New Year, myself and my two brothers did our yearly planning day.

This allows us to not only decide what we want to achieve in the year ahead, but also give us some clarity on how we’re going to get there. It’s a really important thing to do, and it’s probably one of the most worthwhile tasks in your business.

The system that we’ve developed is a few step process. I have created a few videos to teach you in stages how to do this, and each individual section will benefit you in some way, but if you can follow the videos and do every section, it’s going to really benefit you because by the end of it, you’re going to have a really clear plan of how you’re going to achieve your goals.

Stage one is to work out what your ideal life is. I want you to start by dreaming big, and this isn’t for this year ahead only, dream BIG in general. This is your long-term goal.

Think about what your ideal house is and write that down. Perhaps you have a very specific house in mind – I know I do.

Think about what your ideal car is.

Think about where you would like to travel and how often you would like to travel.

Write down every single aspect; what would your ideal life look like. You might get up and do a couple of hours’ work. You might then go out with friends and family for the day. You might be into extreme sports. You might spend the day cycling.

Then we’re going to cost that up. This is stage one. What I mean by that is if you have a specific house in mind, great. Go and find out how much houses in that area cost and put it into a mortgage calculator online. If you just Google “mortgage calculator”, it will tell you on there how much the monthly payments for that would be. If it’s a rental property, then obviously, you can get the rental price.

If you don’t have a specific property in mind, then just find something that looks like where you would like to live. If you’d like to live in a barn conversion for example, then price up where barn conversions in the area you would be looking at would cost and do the same.

Again, the same with the car payment. Now obviously, ideally, you would want to buy a car out right, but put it down as a lease option. Look for how much the car would cost to lease or hire on a monthly basis.

What this allows you to do is once you’ve broken it all down, it will give you exactly the figure you need to create your ideal life. It gives you an idea of what your long-term goal is and exactly what it is you need per month to live your ideal life.

I want you to include things like taking the kids to cinema, eating out – social things. It doesn’t have to just be kind of bills and houses and cars.

Include in there your social life because obviously, that’s an important aspect.

Break down exactly how much money you would need to leave your ideal life! And cost it out!

That’s stage one and that’s creating your long-term goal. I call it creating an ‘Ideal Life Roadmap.’

Dream Big Guys!!!

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