So this is part two of my goal setting workshop, setting goals for the year ahead!

This is something I do on a yearly basis.. If you haven’t already done the task in part one, then please go back and do that because it’s really important.That was about creating your long-term goals. It was about looking at what your ideal life would include, where you would live, and breaking that down to a call so you know how much you would need to live your ideal life.

The second stage is to set some goals for the year ahead, and then we’re going to break those down into an action plan in part 3.

So, start by breaking down every aspect of your life into categories.

Relationships: What do you want your relationships with your family, friends and partner to be like in the next year? Do you want to spend more time with them? Or be able to take them out more?

Health and Fitness: Do you have a weight loss goal? Do you want to eat healthier or exercise more?

Spirituality: Do you want to help others or develop your spiritual practices such as meditation or religion?

Personal Income Goals: How much would you like to earn as your personal wage by the end of the year ahead?

Business Goals: Now the business goals for me is the section that takes the most time because I really do break that down into tiny, tiny segments.

What I do is, for example, on my social media channels, I’ll say by the end of the year ahead, I will easily have X amount of YouTube videos up, or I’ll have X amount of followers on this social media platform.

Really break down every aspect. Talk about income. Talk about followers and subscribers if you’ve got that kind of business. Talk about what you want to achieve in your business. Do you want to move offices? Do you want to hire a member of staff to help? – really break down and have every aspect of your business it covered for the next year.

One thing about goal setting when it comes to doing your yearly goals, is it’s really important to word it in present tense. What I mean by that is just saying “I have easily achieved X by X date” rather than saying “I’m going to achieve this”.

I’m a big user and a believer in the law of attraction. I’ve done some videos on my YouTube channel previously on that, so if you want to check those out, please do. What I find is that, just putting it in that present tense, it makes it more real and achievable.

Now some of these goals might seem a little bit far-fetched right now and a little bit unbelievable right now, but once we break those down into action steps and mini goals in the next stage, then you’ll realize why this goal setting process is so important and so easy.

It really does make a massive difference, to give you some focus and some clarity on exactly what it is that you should be doing in order to achieve your goals.

Make sure your goals are SMART

Specific: Describes exactly what you want to achieve

Measurable: Make sure you have some way to track your success

Action Orientated:Ensure your goals are things you can take action to achieve.

Realistic: The dreaming process is for the ‘ideal life map’ in stage one, in stage two, we are setting goals that can be realistically achieved in the next year.

Timed: These goals are for the year ahead, but you can set specific dates within that year.

Ok, complete tasks one and two, and task three will be published very soon!


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