If you are like myself and utilise Google Keyword Planner daily for your business, then you will have been extremely disappointing to learn that recently Google changed their tool, to only allow ‘advertisers’ i.e. those people paying for ads, to utilise it’s full potential.

Instead, many of us are now seeing ranges of 10k to 1million, which is not entirely helpful is it?

I have put together a little tutorial video, showing you exactly how you can fix this error.

This is going to be a really short post, as you really need to follow the instructions in the video, but I have tried to explain them below too!

Good Luck!

Step 1 Get a Google Adwords Manager Account.

Click HERE to sign up for a Google Adwords Manager Account.

It is VERY important that as you fill out the form you check the box that states ‘To Manage Other People’s Accounts’

You also need to ensure that you use an email address that has not been used on another Adwords account to sign up.

Step 2 Add Your Account

Click on the large red button that says ‘add account’, then add the customer ID from your original Adwords account. (This can be found on the top right hand corner of your account when you log in)

Step 3 Give the New Account Access to the old Account

Log into your original account and click the little cog in the top right hand corner.

Select the account settings option.

Then select the Account Access option on the left hand side of your screen.

You should now see a pending access request. Click accept.

Step 4 Log Into the New Account

The new account should now contain your old account (you could also add others if you wished) and all of the information associated with your old account, such as campaigns etc.

Keyword planner should now work from this section.

Hope this helps guys!

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  • Petra Scott

    Hi Stacey. I have followed your tutorial, but unfortunately, I still only see ranges instead of actual numbers. Could the reason be that I have never run any campaign with neither of the accounts I am using (one as the manager and the other one as the client)?

    • Stacey Berriman

      Hi Petra, This fix worked for while, however, it is now obsolete! The only way to get accurate Google keyword tool numbers now (instead of ranges) is to run paid ads with them! There are some other tools you can try such as http://www.keywordtool.io which may give you some insight for free 🙂