Thousands of people every day search Google for the term ‘How to Earn Money Online.’

I own a business blog, and so often create videos on how to make money online, However, in my mind, the term ‘How to Earn Money Online’ is very different from the term ‘How to Make Money Online’.

As I see it, people searching for ‘how to make money online’ are generally looking for business opportunities or want to start their own online business, whereas people who are searching ‘How to Earn money Online’ are generally looking for online jobs. They are quite happy to swap their time for money, but perhaps just want to work from home or be able to work flexible hours to take care of their kids.

And this is fine.

In fact, I feel it is something that is to be encouraged. For two main reasons.

  1. I am a huge believer that life is too short to work a job we hate and be dictated to regarding what hours we have to work. We spend a huge portion of our lives working. Do we really want to dread every morning?
  2. These people, with a little encouragement and confidence may find that since they have made some money online, that they want to develop that and earn more. It’s important to me to encourage people in their online business journey, whether they are at tiny baby step number 1, or already have multiple online income streams.

This is why I decided to create this video.

The video is very much about ‘How to Earn Money Online.’ What I mean by that is that the methods I mention in the video are very much jobs (tasks where you swap your time for money!) However, they are still very viable sources of income and some people feel more comfortable in this scenario then venturing out and starting their own business in the early stages.

The first method I speak about in the video is selling your skills. So whether you’re able to write, proofread, design logo’s, build websites, provide voice over services, or offer customer service, these are all very viable skills you can sell to companies.

There are many platforms you can utilise to do this, some of these include: – A site where you can sell cheap services for $5 (these are called gigs) and you can add extra gigs for more expensive services. This site gets a lot of traffic and it’s fairly easy to start and get orders on here. Of course, once you begin to get some customer reviews, more work will begin to come in. – A site where you can respond to job adverts rather than advertise your services (you can do both but this is the primary function). It is a little more difficult to get started on this site, but it only takes one job to get your some feedback and then you will begin to gather momentum. You can also charge a little more than you do on Fiverr, but you have to remember that you are competing against other bidders for the job. – A UK based site that accepts applications from all over the world. The great thing about people per hour is that because it is based in the UK, it seems that most people charge more on this site, meaning there is more money to be made. It’s actually the nicest site in terms of usability and is pretty easy to get your first job on.

The second way of making money I mentioned was a site called Arise.

Now, there are more sites like this, but Arise is just the main one that I know of.

Arise is almost like an employment agency. The take applications from customer service people, and companies hire them to outsource their customer service.

There are full and part time positions available and you work from home with a great degree of flexibility.

You do have to have certain equipment, but other than that you would go through a normal application and interview process as you would with any job.

They have some huge clients and if you have any technical knowledge or IT knowledge, make sure you put these kind of skills on your application, as you may be able to get a higher paid job.

If you want to check out Arise just click here.

Ok, next in the ‘How to Earn Money Online’ methods, is surveys.

You will probably have come across survey sites before, there are literally hundreds, and many companies are investing now in this kind of market research as its cheap for them.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never come across anyone making full time money from surveys (although I am sure there are some!) however, it’s a great way to get some extra money or save up for a holiday.

Survey sites can pay anywhere from 40p to £6 for a survey, so it’s difficult to judge how much you can actually make. However, some of these companies offer focus groups as well, which can pay much more.

If you’re interested in online surveys, you can check out these resources.

QMEE– This is a great app. Not only does it offer paid surveys, but whenever you’re browsing the internet (especially eBay and Amazon!) it will pop up with companies selling that item, and you get paid simply for clicking on the link, whether you buy it or not. Brilliant. Best of all it’s totally free! However, it can only be used on a desktop and on Chrome browser.

Survey Directory– You can find loads of survey sites by simply googling it, however, if you can’t be bothered to trail through pages and pages of google results to find the survey sites, then you could purchase a directory like this. It will show you the very best sites that pay the most.

Lastly, if you are interested in making money online as a business (rather than just how to earn money online in the form of a job) then I have put together a free video course. The course lasts 10 days and has 5 lessons each delivered by email.

Each lesson teaches you a different way you can make money online with zero capital and no special skills.

To enrol head on over to

Speak soon!


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