I feel like the topic of how to motivate yourself, is probably one of the biggest hurdles a business owner will come up against. When you have a job working for someone else, you may struggle to get out of bed on a morning, but the thought of not getting paid or getting into trouble from your boss is often motivation enough to keep you on the grind.

However, when you have your own business, self motivation can at times become problematic. It takes dedication and self discipline to work when it’s sunny outside, and even more so if you have a passive income business where you will get paid regardless whether you miss a days work or not.

So, if you are wondering how to motivate yourself, here are a few tips…

How to Motivate Yourself…

How to Motivate Yourself Tip 1- Set Goals

This sounds really obvious, but its something that a lot of people tend to miss from their routine.

I personally set weekly goals, but you can set longer goals if it suits you better, and more than that I put them on display. So I have my weekly goals on my whiteboard in my office and this means that whenever I look up from my desk I can see my goals and it helps keep me motivated as I will look at them and see how close I am to achieving them.

I feel like having them on display where you can visually see them is very important.

Also make your goals achievable. The last thing you want to do is to set goals that are unobtainable for a few years, as this can cause negative feelings and will not help with self motivation. It feels good to achieve something and tick it off your list (no matter how small).

Make sure you review your goals regularly to stay on track!

I did a blog post about goal setting if you would like to view this click here.

How to Motivate Yourself Tip 2 – Visualise

Ok, this will sound really odd if you have never utilised this method before, however,it works!

Anyone of you who follows me will know I am a huge believer in mindset being a massive part of success in any area of your life, and what visualisation does, is allows you to put yourself into a positive, motivated mindset right from the beginning of the working day.

I tend to do my visualisations first thing when I wake up on a morning, so I first of all think about what I am grateful for in my life, what I have already achieved etc. This puts me into a positive frame of mind, this straight away makes me more focused, and then when I am in this state I visualise what I have still to achieve.

I don’t visualise the object as such, so for example, if there was a car I wanted, I would not visualise the car, but I would visualise myself driving the car. What does the seat feel like to sit in? How does it smell? What colour is it? Make the visualisation as real as possible!

Visualisation is unbelievable powerful, if you haven’t yet checked out my law of attraction post you can do so here, as crazy as it sounds there is some scientific backing behind the whole principle of it!

The more you listen to successful people, the more you will realise how huge a part mindset plays in success!

Checking my goals and doing my gratitudes and visualisations have now become part of my morning ritual. Having a set routine on a morning that includes things like this is extremely powerful, motivational and productive. I did a course on this topic called Morning Ritual Mastery, which helped me a LOT! If you want to check it out you can do so by clicking here.

I also really like this article from Positive Health & Wellness on 7 morning rituals you can incorporate into your day and talks about the benefits on morning rituals. This is a great resource for all your health and well being needs. You can check out the article by clicking HERE

How to Motivate Yourself Tip 3 – Treat it Like a Job

Obviously, one of the huge benefits of having your own business, is just that. It is your own. This means you can often work the hours you like and take time off when you like, which is great. But sometimes, it can hinder you.

You see, when you have a normal job, you are in a routine, where you just get up and go and you don’t have to think about it. On top of that you leave your work at work (usually anyway!)

When you have your own business, that isn’t quite so easy. You are constantly thinking about what’s to do and what you could be working on.

So what I suggest, at least in the early days, is to set yourself a routine, where you decide how many hours per day you want to work, and you work those set hours religiously like you would a job.

This means you can focus and be more motivated within those times and it also allows you to have more quality family time outside of work, which means that generally you have a better work life balance and can be more motivated within your business because of it.

How to Motivate Yourself Tip 4 – Exercise!

As a self confessed lazy bones (when it comes to physical activity anyway!) this is something that took me some time to get into!

But you know what, it made a huge difference to my life, and I have now incorporated it into my morning ritual along with my mindset stuff.

It sets me up well for the day, it makes me focused and in an energetic state ready to take on the world!

How to Motivate Yourself Tip 5 – Have a To Do List

Have a list with your most important tasks at the top.

There is something extremely gratifying about putting a tick next to something you have achieved.

But having your tasks written down where you can see them helps with self motivation as it means you can focus and work through one task at a time rather than becoming overwhelmed and then disengaged with your work.

My to do list is my godsend and its a system that works very well for me!

How to Motivate Yourself Tip 6 – Emotional Motivation

Having physical motivation for work is only part of the puzzle, you have to be emotionally motivated as well.

You shouldn’t have to FORCE yourself to work!

So, in order to gain emotional motivation you need to think about the following:

  • Can you give yourself a pep talk if you get down?
  • Why did you start this journey? Think about why you’re doing this!
  • Try and be more positive and surround yourself with positive people

How to Motivate Yourself Tip 7 – Quality Down Time

Make the time you spend outside of work amazing!

Have quality time with friends and family and a good work life balance is super important to self motivation!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to motivate yourself, please leave a comment below and let me know how you are getting on, and also, connect with me on social media!




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