Hey!!! I am just writing a very quick blog post today about the products that are included as part of your IMarketsLive Platinum Plus membership!

For anyone who has ever been interested in learning to trade Forex, this is a must read!

Trading Forex allows flexibility in the hours you work, scalability and never having to deal with customers!

When you become an IMarketsLive member, there are a number of products that you can access as an IML customer.

All of these are included in your platinum plus package price. So I’m going to talk you through basically what you get and what they are.

1 IMarketsLive SwipeTrades App

This is many peoples favourite IMarketsLive tool (Hence the reason I am kicking off our list with it!) Why? Because it is the easiest, most simple way to start trading Forex.

This is basically an app (available for android and IOS) that you put onto your phone and you get trade alerts sent directly to your mobile phone. The great thing about these trade alerts is that they come from professional traders!

The even greater thing, is that the app has been designed so you can simply copy and paste the trade alerts from your app, to the Metatrader 4 app! Easy – and AMAZING!

So obviously past profits do not guarantee future results (full disclaimer HERE) however, in my time with IMarketsLive this product has only experienced two losing weeks. AND… All results are published publicly. You can view them at http://www.imltrain.com/results

Also, check out this video on how my team mate Arnold turned 1k into 400k in one year using this product.

2 IMarketsLive Harmonic Scanner

The next product that IML offers is something called the Harmonic Scanner.

Harmonic patterns are patterns within the charts that professional traders look for to identify trade setups. What the Harmonic Scanner does is it takes all that manual work out and it identifies the patterns for you. It’s absolutely incredible. This tool I’m told, used to sell for $5000 on its own and now it’s part of your IMarketsLive membership.

This tool gives you everything from Stop Losses, Take Profits and Pairs!


This is my favourite product! 70 plus hours per week of live education rooms, hosted by professional traders, where you can log on, ask questions and learn strategies.

Where else will you get dozens of professional traders willing to answer your questions and guide you through what it takes to become a successful trader!

Plus, all sessions are recorded in case you miss one!

Plus, Plus, IML TV now delves into the world beyond Forex, teaching Crypto, Binary options and more!

4. IML Academy

Learn the basics of trading forex with IML Academy.

Pre-recorded sessions teaching you all of the basics of trading, technical analysis and more!

5. Web Analyzer / Crypto Analyzer

A piece of software than scans the charts looking for trade set ups.

The great thing about this cool piece of kit, is that it runs in the background on your PC and calls out live trade alerts!

And, it does it not only on the Forex market, but also on Crypto pairs as well.

6. More To Come

As I write this today, these are the IMarketsLive products that are available to us, however, they have also just announced more products to come in the very near future (Including a Swipe trades app for crypto!!!)

On top of all this great stuff, our team also has a very strong Facebook community.

This community has allowed us to develop our own team strategies and tools, not available to other people! We are like one big family and it’s really cool!

So that, in a nutshell is what you get for your IMarketsLive membership. I have never been in an opportunity that has provided so much value for the monthly fee.

Now here’s the thing guys, if you join and you introduce two friends to IML, your monthly fee is completely waived! Meaning you’re getting all of this value and all of these tools absolutely free of charge. So it’s absolutely an incredible opportunity.

I could not be more excited to be involved with this company at this time. They’re always developing new products. I know there’s a lot of things in the pipeline as well. So there’s a lot of exciting things to come!

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