K Book Promotions is a software designed to automate many of the mundane tasks associated with Kindle Publishing.

I have personally been using the software for ten months now and find it invaluable in my Kindle Publishing business.

If you already have a Kindle publishing business, or you are interested in starting one, this tool will save you a lot of time, time which you could utilise creating or researching your next book.

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K Book Promotions Features

K Book Promotions has many amazing features that will help you automate much of your Kindle Publishing business.

In the video above, you can get an over the shoulder view of how to use some of these features.

Facebook Community- 

If you purchase the K Book Promotions software, you also get access free of charge to the Facebook Community.

The community is full of Kindle Publishers from all levels, from people who are making $50 per month to people who are making $15,000 per month.

Because of this, there is a lot of information and helpful hints thrown around in there, and if you have any questions about publishing in general, you are guaranteed to get a sensible answer!

Because of this, the community is a priceless benefit of the buying the software!

Video Tutorials-

A section dedicated to showing you exactly how to use every tool within the K Book Promotions software.

Niche Picker Tool-

The niche picker tool is really useful when you are deciding on the content of your next book.

If you’re a non fiction publisher, and publish in varying niches, you can literally type in a keyword and it will pull up the live data for top few books in the Amazon search for that keyword.

It also brings up the rank, categories, predicted sales, pages, price and even a competition and profitability score.

The great thing is if you’re in fiction you can also utilise this tool to narrow down ideas within your niche.

Word Cloud-

Word cloud is a feature of the niche picker tool.

Much of Kindle Publishing is about learning from the top sellers, and this tool allows you to take the keywords from the top sellers in your niche, and utilise those keywords within your titles.

Description Generator-

Allows you to type in your book description in normal text, and get a HTML code for it, so that you can add bold titles etc to your description without knowing coding!

People are actually charging for this service on various freelance platforms!

It also gives you the option to get a code for Createspace, so if you are publishing your book in paperback too, it kills two birds with one stone!

Link Generator-

Allows you to create a link that will look as if someone has searched for your book on Amazon using a keyword.

Website Submission Tool-

The website submission tool is amazing! It saves SO MUCH time!

When your book goes on free promotion, you want to submit it to directory websites, who will then list your book (hopefully!) and allow their followers to download it for free.

The more downloads you get in the free promotion, the higher your book will be ranked when the promotion ends.

This tool, literally allows you to fill in your book information once, and submit it to lots of these directory websites! Saves hours!

Probably my fave tool in K Book Promotions!

Facebook & Twitter Marketing-

I don’t personally use these tools all that much, but I know plenty of people who do.

The tool automates posts to groups of Facebook full of Kindle readers to promote your book and the same on Twitter.

I choose not to use them as I don’t like to automate Facebook and Twitter, but it is a very powerful tool non the less.

Rank Tracker Tool-

This is also one of my fave features of K Book Promotions.

You can add the ASIN of every book you publish, and it will track it for you.

This means, it will track how many reviews it has, what it’s best seller rank is, whether it’s improving or dropping.

It is just fantastic, especially if you have a few books.

The great thing is you can also add your competitors books and keep an eye on them, or a book in a potential niche to see how it performs!

You can also create notifications with this tool, where the software will inform you if a book drops below a certain ranking or other variables. Which even saves the time of trawling through the list of your books if you have lots!


I must also say that the support from Dewan (the creator of K Book Promotions) and his team is EPIC!

These guys must barely sleep, because you can drop them a line on Facebook and you’re problem will be solved within a few hours. Perfect!

We have teamed up with the guys at K Book Promotions to bring you a free trial!

To Get your trial simply CLICK HERE

Until next time…


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    Stacey, I just listened to this whole video and thought it was absolutely fantastic. You are going to make major money. And I’m so happy you’re out there, because I can really learn from you. Amazing! Thank you!!!!

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      Thanks so much Joan, I’m glad you find my content useful 🙂