K Money Mastery is a course that is published by Stefan Pylarinos and is focused upon publishing and profiting from Kindle Books.

I purchased K Money Mastery in May last year and had my first non fiction book published within two weeks. (15th May 2015)

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The course mainly focuses on non fiction rather than fiction although does cover both, and has since been upgraded to a 2.0 version.

If you are sat thinking ‘I am not creative enough to write a book’ then don’t worry! The course takes you step by step through a process which involves outsourcing your book to writers for a small sum, and outsourcing your covers etc. However, if you do have the creative flair and want to create your own work- then go for it!

This course is EXTREMELY well laid out and simple and is great for anyone who is new to online business, because there isn’t a great deal of marketing involved and you can start out with a relatively low investment.

The course has two options, a low cost one off fee for the basic course, and the option to upgrade to full disclosure membership.

If you can afford to I would advise upgrading to full disclosure, however, unlike some courses I have been through, you have enough information in the basic course to get you earning money.

Stefan really over delivers in this course, and if you like the idea of a publishing business this could be the course for you.

Now, for the negatives, well in all honesty, there aren’t a whole lot of them! The course is extremely good value for money and very well laid out. It is advertised as a passive income opportunity, and in general this is the case, however, like any business it does require work.

Also, some of the info may have slightly changed from it’s release. for example in one video Stefan mentions most of his non fiction books earn around $30-$50 per month each. I have some books that make $200 per month (mainly fiction) and others that make $5 per month, and I do generally find that like with most things 80% of my income comes from 20% of my books, but my fiction has done much better than my non fiction in general.

I managed to get my income from KMM from $0-$500 per month very quickly (around 3 months) and I was so happy with this I decided to invest in some coaching. I am now publishing mainly fiction books as I find these easier to make money with, so I think KMM could do a little more on the fiction side, however, this is just my experience as I also have connected with many publishers who have made lots of money in non fiction.

There is unlimited earning potential with Kindle, I have met guys who are making $30,000 per month with their publishing businesses.

It took me from May until October to get my income up to $1000 per month, and I was only putting out 1-2 books per week (some publishers are putting out a lot more!)  The best part was in December, January and February I was unable to focus on publishing new books due to some personal issues, and all I did was look after my current books (free promotions etc) and amazingly my income did not drop,  I managed to sustain my $1000 per month Kindle income by putting in around 2 hours work per week. So I guess it is more passive than most businesses, that said, when I am growing I put in around 10-12 hours per week work on my publishing business.

All in all this is a great course, and I would definitely recommend it!

I will be publishing more posts about my progress with KMM, I am generally publishing less books and growing more slowly now as I focus on other businesses alongside it, but it’s certainly something I will be continuing to grow. I turn 30 later this year and my goal is to have $5,000 per month from my Kindle business before I reach the big 30!

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