Lots of people want to make money from home, and who wouldn’t? It’s perfect. You have no rush hour commute, no boss telling you what to do and you can even work in your underwear if you want to.

How many people can say that?!

The trouble is, not that many people know how to make money from home.

When I first set out creating my free video course “Ways to Make Money Online- With No Marketing Knowledge, No Technical Skills and no upfront Capital.” My aim was to help people who had formed barriers in their heads as to why they couldn’t start an online business.  (You can sign up for the full free course at http://www.tycoonfactory.com/freecourse)

This is still my aim, to help people who struggle with technical or marketing skills or just don’t have the funds to start an online business. However, I also have a new demographic of people I would like to help, and the more I hear the stories of these people the more I want to do to set them on the path to freedom!

These people are the people who need to work from home, people who are unable to leave their homes due to disability, people who have kids and can’t afford childcare and the countless other people who need help to make money from home.

I guess, I want to make business accessible to EVERY ONE of you!

This video is video two in my free course, and shows a very simple method of making money from home by reselling services like logo design and website design.

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So, watch the video and TAKE ACTION!

It is really important that you put into practice what you are learning immediately, because if you don’t, you have a risk of procrastinating which has a negative effect on progress.

In this video you are going to learn how to buy services very cheaply, and sell them on for a profit.

You will start with basic services such as logo design where you might earn $5-$40 profit for each sale, however, once you get the hang of it you can use this method to resell websites, mobile apps, catalogue design and even more expensive items to make a profit of $500+ per single sale!

There are a few resources you will need to sign up for. They are all free to sign up for, as all of these videos are about making money with no capital!

Fiverr – A site to purchase logo services and other services to sell on at just $5!

Upwork– A site where you can resell services from Fiverr.

Freelancer– A site where you can resell services from Fiverr/Upwork

People Per Hour– A site where you can resell services from ALL OF THE ABOVE!

I hope you enjoy this video!

Don’t forget to sign up for the full course (which includes 5 ways to make money from home with no technical skills, marketing knowledge or upfront capital)


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