I, like most entrepreneurs love to get a new project on the go and this month is no exception.

I have two new projects in progress which I am extremely excited about and will be keeping you updated with this as I go, but for a little sneaky peak.

I have just released two Iphone Apps into the app store. These are still in the testing stages, so I will post links to them later, and the course that I used to learn how to become an appreneur, but I am extremely excited about this.

Secondly, my brother and I are putting together a course to teach people how to start an e-commerce business from scratch. My brother is also a very successful entrepreneur, and probably my inspiration as he had me with him at business meetings from being 13 years old.

The course and website are still in the VERY early stages, but we are hoping to launch in the next few weeks, and we will be offering “done for you” business packages as well. Where we literally set you up with a business that is already making sales.

I am extremely excited about these two new projects and will of course keep you posted, as well as my progress with the courses I am testing. I will be adding more posts about some of the courses I am or have been working on very soon.

Keep checking back!

Speak Soon Guys!

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