As some of you know, I have been working on a FREE online business course for you (my lovey followers!)

This course shows you step by step how to make money online with no technical skills, no marketing knowledge and best of all, no upfront capital.

My reasoning behind making this online business course, was that I wanted to make online business accessible to everyone. Too often I hear people say they don’t have the money or the skills to start an online business, and in all honesty, these barriers don’t exist anymore. Once over, these were real reasons to not take the plunge into the world of online business, but now, there are so many opportunities on the internet, you WILL find one that suits you!

Granted, having some capital to invest and some skills behind you is always useful, and will give you a great head start, but what I’m saying is if you don’t have the luxury of these things, it doesn’t have to stop you!

I am very proud of the members that have taken the plunge with these methods so far. My aim is for everyone who wishes to, to be able to create an income online. Which is why I have made this online business course absolutely FREE of charge.

I want to see you succeed!

I have posted the first video in the course in this blog, so you can see the kind of ‘ninja’ methods I am teaching in this free online business course.

If you want to enrol on the full course simply visit and you can sign up there, after which you will start to receive the videos direct to your inbox.

Please ensure you add both of the following email addresses to your address book before signing up (especially with Gmail accounts) as some of the emails have been going into peoples spam folders and I would hate for you to miss them.

Can I also ask a huge favour?

If you haven’t already could you please follow me on my social media accounts.

Thank you so much!





Is The Online Business Course Right For Me?

I thought I would just include a short paragraph regarding suitability for the free online business course, as someone asked me if they would be a good candidate for it.

My answer was…. “What Have You Got To Lose!?”

The course is FREE, the start up price is FREE, as these are the methods I have focused on, and you never know if you don’t try.

I put a post on my Instagram last week which read ‘Everything You Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side of Fear’

This is so true! I have removed all of the physical barriers which have been stopping you from making money online, so now, the only thing standing in your way is your own fear of failure.

But don’t spend another day wondering if you could have made it, we have all failed at times, and we just got back up and started again!

Enrol Today!!!

Ready, Set, Go!!!

I’ll see you on the other side!


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