***UPDATE*** Since reviewing this programme, the course owners have contacted me to tell me they have fixed some of the issues with the site such as broken links. I find this very good service that they are listening to customer suggestions and deliver accordingly 🙂


I was recently contacted by a representative from the OPF (Online Profiting Formulas) Kit team and asked if I would like to give an honest review for this product. So this is my OPF Kit review. I hope that this will help those of you considering purchasing the course.

The OPF Kit Sales Page

The sales page is very clean, which is nice to see, as some sales page’s are offensive on the eyes.

“Skimmers” may click away from this page very quickly, as both a pop up, and banner at the top of the screen have the numbers $667 and $997 written on them. This is not the price, but when I first looked at the sales page this was my initial thought, until I read on.

Some of the language feels as though it has been written by a none native English speaker, one example of this is:

“We’re helping making the internet a better world by putting an end to all the misleading products which claim to make you money online while they don’t.”

This could be off putting for a potential buyer, and I didn’t really understand the relevance of the Broadway theatre poster images on the sales page. It was a little confusing!

However, I did like the idea that the OPF Kit was split down into ‘levels’ for varying degrees of experience. I feel a little more detail could have been given to what each level includes, but I suppose that was intentional to get people to buy.

At $47 or $67 (depending on the package you choose) this system is relatively cheap in comparison to some of it’s competitors on the market. So let’s get inside the course and see what it has to offer.

The OPF Kit Members Area

The members area is very simple to navigate and split into sections of experience level.

I have reviewed each section of the members area below.

The ‘My First $300 on Day 1’ Level

I have been told that this section is newly added to the course at the time of writing this review.

The actual strategy in this section was a little disappointing. It involved becoming an affiliate for the OPK System, setting up a landing page, and driving traffic to it via solo ad. (A solo ad is a one time ad you purchase where your offer is sent to someone else’s list.)

What I did like about this section was that everything was broken down into step by step instructions.

Now, I am not new to marketing, and I had not heard of the traffic source suggested in this section. This to me is a good thing, because if I learn even one new thing from a course, I consider it a good purchase.

What I didn’t like about this section, was the fact that it was geared up so that the publisher makes more money from you. Both by you selling their product, and by you utilising the tools they suggest and them earning a commission.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it is a little too obvious here. It should have been focused on providing value for the buyer, and people may be requesting a refund at this point if they notice this.

I also would have liked to have seen more detail in the sales copy people should put on their landing pages.

The sales copy sells a product, and a total newbie (who this level is aimed at) would not necessarily know what to put on their landing page.

I did like the fact that they gave you some monetary expectations to compare your results against.

I felt they were a little high on the subscriber side, however, it will help a newbie to have these numbers.

These are the numbers given:

“The only catch in this process is paying for the traffic! It will cost you around $42 for every 100 clicks you receive, but it worth it! For 100 clicks you’ll get about 60 subscribers with initial 2 buyers as average (this for the OPF Kit will make you about $88), and keeping up with email updates, you’ll get 5 new buyers as average (around $209 of OPF Kit sales), so in total you could turn the $42 investment to $296! Which mean $254 of net profits!”

60 subscribers out of 100 clicks sounds very high, unless this traffic source is incredible! and also, I don’t know where the $88 had come from, because according to Clickbank you make $17.05 per sale (which is a total of $34.10 per 2 sales?) but perhaps I have got confused somewhere along the line.

The Starter Levels

The starter level is split into three sections. Introduction, Income Streams and Tutorials.

The intro is very simple and talks about how you won’t make a fortune with these methods, but it allows you to create a small amount of online income.

The sources of income include:

12 pay for clicks sites- sites where you can get paid for clicking links and require no skill or knowledge.

A ‘get paid for tasks’ network – a site where you will be given tasks to do in exchange for a minimal fee.

A survey site- a site where you can take surveys for cash.

This is all information you could find on your own by searching the net, but having the per click networks all in one place is very useful.

You can make $10-$100 per month with these methods (if you do a LOT of surveys etc), and it is a very easy way to make some extra cash. So although I think you can find this information online, I quite like this section for newbies. However, bear in mind, most link clicking networks pay around 1c per click, so that’s a lot of clicking!

You do however, get paid if you refer other’s to click too, so it’s not all bad!

It is however, a work at home job, rather than a work at home business.

So this system is trying to target two very different groups of people at the same time. This is not a good thing or a bad thing, just an observation.

The tutorials section shows you how to set up on one of each of these websites, and then you can go find others which work in much the same way.

The Intermediate Level

Again this level within OPF kit contains three sections.

Introduction, Sources of Income and Tutorials.

The introduction is simply a few paragraphs explaining how in this section you will learn about freelancing to earn money online.

The sources of income section contains three freelancing sites where you can sell your services.

I have both bought and sold on two of the three of these services in the past, so have an insight as to what can be done.

The tutorials are very simple step by step photo tutorials, which will suit some people, although, I cannot help but think these would have been better served as screen capture tutorials.

I don’t feel freelancing is an ‘intermediate’ level business opportunity, however, this is probably because I have been in online marketing for some time, to someone new, it probably will feel like an intermediate level task.

Pro Level

This level focuses on affiliate marketing.

When you log into the module, it contains 5 sections rather than the 3 in previous modules.

I like this, as it shows the lessons are becoming more advanced.

The first section, introduction, gives a very brief overview of affiliate marketing.

The next section, networks, gives you four affiliate networks to sign up for.

Although this information is easily found online, if you are fairly new to internet marketing, then it could prove handy to have it all in one place.

The next section, products, suggests products from each of the networks for you to promote.

This is a bit of a double edged sword for me, on one hand, it takes the work out of finding products, however, I feel the OPF kit would be better off showing people how to research good products and find ones suitable to their niche so that they can repeat the process in the future.

It has also suggested the OPF kit as the product to promote on Clickbank again, which although would be the obvious choice for them to do, it seems a little pushy to do it twice in one course. It makes me think wonder if they are affiliated with the other products they are suggesting.

However, I think although this section is useful to a newbie, it should have focused on researching and finding offers so that their students can repeat this process in future.

One thing I do like about this section, is that it has some good CPA (cost per action) networks listed, and this is an added bonus.

The next section is sources of traffic. You can usually click a button from the previous section to be taken to the next, however, it seems the button has been linked up wrong from the products to the traffic section. (This will probably have been fixed by the time you read this) so I had to go back to the menu in the pro module to access the traffic section.

The traffic section gives you 8 (plus 8 linked ones = 16 total) traffic sources to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

One of the things I really like about this, is the fact that it gives you both paid and free traffic sources. Great start.

There are a couple of traffic sources I have never used before, and as I mentioned previously, if I learn one thing in a course, I think it’s been worthwhile. However, I cannot comment on the quality of this traffic since I’ve never used them.

In the tutorials section of this module, they go into more detail about using some of these traffic sources.

Again, I would have preferred screen capture videos on these, however, they are easy to follow and step by step.

Some of the paid traffic sources they have used have a large learning curve attached to them, if you don’t want to spend a fortune for no returns, and I don’t think they have covered these in huge depth, but for people wanting to start out with free traffic it’s a good place to learn some basics.

Elite Level

This level is only available to members who have paid the higher price point of $67.

The section focuses on creating your own product or course to sell.

This is a 363 page PDF download, which you can access from the first page when you log in.

The PDF itself is very simple, with a large font, and could probably have done with some design work, but its the content that counts right!

I am a HUGE believer in mindset being a massive player in success, and this PDF talks about this. I think they have gone a little too deep into detail of the science behind this. However, I don’t think this does any harm, it’s just not necessarily needed.

The course then goes into strategies you can use to create your own product.

On some topics, such as recording videos, it goes fairly in depth, and then in other sections such as selling website templates, it gives very little detail.

There are some good snippets of information in the PDF, however, there does seem to be a lot of padding on topics such as confidence.

OPF Kit Conclusion

This has been a long blog post!

I wanted to sum up with my general thoughts on the OPF Kit.

The course is VERY simple to navigate, and it’s clearly been put together for the intention of being a course. (not like when marketers throw together some of their YouTube content and call it a course) so that is all good!

The course would be best suited to beginners in the internet marketing field.

Much of the course, seems to be aimed at promoting their product, or affiliate products. However, there are some good sources of information and some good traffic sources and tools.

The course is step by step and easy to follow.

I would have preferred video tutorials to image ones, but at least your action steps are clear.

However, they do make some of the marketing methods look VERY easy, and as someone who has used most of these methods, I do feel they could have gone a little more into depth on some of the topics.

All in all, the course is very cheap (I have paid $5k for courses before!) and at a nominal $47 it’s a very low price point in comparison to it’s competitors.

I always say if I learn one thing from a course, then it has been worthwhile, and I did come across some traffic sources from this course that I had never used before (and will be testing) and so in which case, I would have considered it worthwhile for me.

If you are looking to make some money online, then this course will give you a few options to do that, some of them won’t make you a lot, but are relatively easy to start making money with (such as surveys and link clicking) and some of them have the potential to make you lots, but are more difficult to start your journey with (such as affiliate marketing)

But I like the way that OPF Kit have tried to incorporate all experience levels into this.

All in all, it’s a passable course for beginners.

They also offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

If you would like to try out the OPF Kit System for yourself, then simply click HERE.