I wanted to do a post today on paid traffic for affiliate marketing.

Now, there are three ways you would use paid traffic to affiliate offers.

First of all, you could use paid traffic to send people to an opt in form – (see my blog post Setting up a Landing Page for info on this), you would collect email addresses and then promote your affiliate links to the people via an email sequence. That’s option one.

I use Clickfunnels to create my landing pages. (Get your 14 day free trial HERE) Watch the video above to see how I utilise Clickfunnels in my affiliate marketing.

Collecting email addresses is a  great option, because you’ll have that customer’s details to promote to them in the future. Your email list becomes a lifelong asset. However, it’s not always viable to go down that route particularly if you’re working on a launch date.

For example, I was recently working on a promotion that had a launch going on, and that means I’m stuck to a set schedule of promotion. So, I don’t have time to collect all the email addresses and promote to those people via email. What I’m having to do is run ads directly to the offer. This is option two for paid traffic!

I would never suggest doing this unless the offer has something free (free training, free trial or a one dollar trial.) If it’s got a trial, then you can run directly to the offer. It’s not going to be quite as successful as if you run it to a landing page first, but in the interest of saving time, then it could be an option.

The third option for paid traffic is running it to a presale page. So, you might be that you set up a Clickfunnels page with presale information about the product. This may be the story of how it’s helped somebody, benefits of the product and testimonials.

It’s a really great way to pre-sell people so that by the time they get to the offer page, they are ready to buy. That’s your three options. Send them to a landing page where you collect their email address and promote them by email. Send them to a presale page for the product where you pre-sell the item that you promote, and on the thank you page, they are given the offer, or send direct to the offer sales page.

We went into ClickBank and I showed you in one of the videos how to choose a ClickBank product that appeals to your audience. (See the post HERE) Once you have your affiliate link, you can send paid traffic direct to your link.

Affiliate links are often ugly and long! So I would suggest using a link shortener such as Bitly before adding your link to ads etc. The great thing about using a service like this is, it will track how much traffic you are sending. So it means you can check your traffic source statistics against Bitly statistics.

Bear in mind, Facebook is funny about certain offers. For example, I’ve chosen the diabetes offer here. You have to be very careful what you say in your ads in relation to medical, weight loss or make money offers. Those are the three niches where they are a little bit funny.

They won’t always approve ads that are in those niches. You’ve got to be really careful what you say in your ads. Don’t claim that somebody can make a fortune. Don’t claim that somebody can lose weight easily. You’ve just got to be really honest and ethical in your ads and then they are more likely to get approved.

Setting Up Your Paid Traffic Ad in Facebook

To set up your paid traffic ad in Facebook start by clicking the little ad campaign button at the top.

The objective is traffic, so we’re sending traffic to an offer in my video example.

Obviously, if you were sending traffic to your lead page or your pre-selllanding page, you would use the link from your Clickfunnels account.

Now, it’s going to ask us what country we want to drive traffic. What I would say is check where the sales page is based.

For example, I know that this offer that I am promoting is in dollars, and so I wouldn’t want to promote that to anybody in the UK because they might be put off by the currency, then I’ve wasted the cost of a click. So, what we’re going to do is select the United States.

There is an option at the top to put in a custom audience. If you have an email list of people in a certain niche, you could upload this list to Facebook. Facebook then uses artificial intelligence to match customers in that list and I covered this in some of my advanced Facebook ads training, but for now, if you don’t have an email list, that’s obviously not an option for you.

In the future, that is by far the best option for matching the right people and a targeting the right people, so just bear that in mind.

However, if you’re just starting out, you have to do paid traffic targeting the manual way.

For example, it’s first of all Facebook asks for the age of people you are targeting.

Now what I did, because I’m using a diabetes offer for an example, I went to diabetes UK website and I found some statistics. What I found was that diabetes starts to affect people mostly from 50 years old. That is what I want to start my ads at. I want to start them from 50 years old.

Now, depending on what your offer is, depends on the kind of research you would do, but for example, if you were doing a money making offer. Look at the people who are buying these kinds of products. You can find that information with Facebook ads audience insights. I’ve done a video on that previously, see HERE.  That will give you the information that you need for this targeting.

For gender again, you will find this with your research and Languages, you again want to look at the sales page and go with the language that the sales page is written in.

THEN…Detailed targeting, now this is by far the most important part. This is the difference between good ads and bad ads!

At the top right, you will see audience definition. You want to remain in the green area, AFTER, you have completed your interests targeting

We need to narrow that down and target the right people. This product is a diabetes type cure, so we might target people who are interested in diabetes research because those are the people that are going to be looking for cures and their interests.

For a money making offer, we might use audience insights to find out what people who like a competitors page are interested in. Do they have kids? How much money do they make? How educated are they? All of these things can be found using audience insights. (See how to do this HERE)

As you define your audience with interests, you will see your audience definition move. It needs to end up in the green section after you have completed adding interests. You can also exclude interests if you need to. For example, in the diabetes offer. We wouldn’t want to send paid traffic to people who are looking for a type one diabetes cure, because our product does not cover that!

By excluding these people, we are narrowing our audience to people who are more likely to buy our offer. You can play around with this. Take some time to do the research. Use Facebook audience insights, Research your products fully.

As you scroll down the page, you’ve got the edit placements option.

I would always do that! In my experience, you want to take off the audience network. I don’t find it a valuable option,  I always take off Instagram as well, but that’s entirely up to you.

Then under Facebooks placement options, you’ve got feeds and right column. I turn the right column off because that’s where all the ads appear and people are less likely to click on them. We want to be in the news feeds.

As you scroll down, you’ve also got an option for specific mobile devices. I like to usually select ‘only when connected to Wi-Fi’ and the reason for that is because if somebody is on the go, they’re not going to be in the right frame of mind to be reading sales pages and buying products, particular on higher priced items.

You then set your budget. This is a very individual thing. It’s a daily budget that will run continually, or you can select a lifetime budget and select an end date. What I would say is make sure that you let your ad run for a good few days before you decide whether or not it’s valuable or whether or not you need to optimize it. As for teh first few days, Facebook is actually optimizing on your behalf. Some Facebook experts tell you to leave an ad running for two weeks before trying to change it!

Optimizing (when you are ready) is just a case of going in and a change in images, changing headlines. You change one thing at a time and see if that makes a difference to your conversions.

There are much more complicated ways to track and optimise such as using click tracker software, but when you are just starting out, split testing headlines and images is a great place to begin!

Next up, Bid amount! Always leave your bid amount on automatic. Facebook knows what they’re doing. Then click continue.

You will now be asked to start your  ad format. You can upload your own image if you like. What I would say is it’s best to do this yourself,  if you can use something like Canva and it will allow you to add text to an image.

Facebook doesn’t allow you to have text covering more than 20% of the picture. So, try and keep text to a minimum, but it’s worthwhile having.

The other option is you can use free stock images. This is great because Shutterstock who supply these, normally charge you for stock pictures and you can use them for free in your paid traffic ads. Ideally, what you want to be doing is finding a picture that’s really interesting, something that you would click on.

The other thing is to choose a photograph that includes your target audience. For example, we selected people who were male or female between the ages of 50 and 65+ for the diabetes example offer, so I want to photograph that has somebody of that age group on. People are going to resonate with it better if it is the target audience.

Select your Facebook page and add your website URL (landing page or offer page URL) and then begin on your ad copy.

Your headline really needs to grab attention. You need to think of something that is going to grab the attention of people. You’ve got to be careful what you say in Facebook ads, especially in weight loss, medical or make money online niches. For example, in the diabetes offer, we would not be allowed to say ‘Diabetes Cure’ we would be more likely to be approved if we used a headline like “Diabetes Breakthrough Free Trial”.

Now to me, if I had diabetes and I was interested in looking for cures, I would click that. Then in your ad text, what you want to put is that it’s a free trial for a new diabetes breakthrough. Be really specific in here. If you’re charging a price for a free trial or a product, make sure that you put the price in your ad copy so that your clicks are pre-qualified before they get to the sales page, because they are then more likely to buy. (This is only if you are sending direct to an offer! Do not do this if you are sending to a pre-sales page or opt in!)

Ensure you check what your ad looks like on mobile etc using the feature on Facebook.

Then when you finish all this and you filled all this in, you can then just click place order at the bottom of the screen and you are done.

There’s obviously a lot more you could go into, such as pixels and tracking etc. That’s more advanced stuff but that should be enough to get you started.

I hope this has been helpful!


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  • Lisa Han

    This is very valuable, thanks so much for sharing! I’m addicted to your content and have been learning a lot from you already. Thanks for all your help, and looking forward to applying some of this in my business! xx

    • Stacey Berriman

      Thank You Lisa! I am pleased you are finding it helpful 🙂 xx