I want to talk to you a little bit about Pinterest and how it can help you grow your business and drive traffic to your blog, website or social media.

I’ve been using Pinterest for a little while to help drive traffic to my blog. The great thing about it is, is that obviously it’s free of charge, but on top of that, while you are using it to generate traffic, you’re also growing an audience on the platform.

It’s really flexible as well, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a blog or an e-commerce website, or even if you just wanted to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, then you can do that using Pinterest. It’s really great in that sense.

Pinterest is an image-based platform, not unlike Instagram. However, there are some differences.

Any image that you post on Pinterest is called a pin.

There are two main kinds of pins. The first one is what I would call a title pin. What I mean by that, is this pin doesn’t have any content on it, all it does is give you the title of the content, and you would have to click off Pinterest and through to the website to access the content. However, there is another kind of pin called an infographic. Infographics actually give content on the pin itself.

You might be wondering how do these pins then drive traffic to your other channels, whether that be your social media channels or your website.

If you click on one of these pins on the Pinterest platform, it brings up a bigger version of the it.

You also are given some information about who posted the pin and usually a little description. If you then click the image again, it opens up the website that delivers the content.

Now the trouble is, is that people may not find your pins if you haven’t got an audience on the platform.

If you post a pin, you might get a few clicks from the people who follow you, who check my pins. However, often these people won’t check your boards, and only see the pins that appear in their news feeds.

So, in order to gain more exposure for my pins, I also do is I join group boards because group boards have literally thousands and thousands of followers.

If you join a group board as a collaborator and you post one of your pins onto that group board, then you’re getting your pin in front of an awful lot more people than if you just posted them on your own boards.

That’s how you would start and to get your pins out there, get them seen, get more people interested in them.

The key is to join as many group boards as possible and share your pins onto those group boards because by doing that, you’re going to get your pins in front of a lot more people and you’re then going to generate more traffic for your website.

The great thing about it is, is that when you add a pin you could link that to your Facebook page, you could link it to your YouTube video, you could link it to a specific blog article. The opportunities are endless. You can grow all of your social media platforms while growing a following on this particular platform. It’s really powerful!

If you’re interested in learning more about Pinterest and using it to drive traffic to your blog, website or social media platform, then you can click HERE and check out a course that I found very useful!

That’s just a little overview of Pinterest and how you can use it to help grow your blog traffic or your social media traffic. I hope that’s been helpful guys. Any questions, please do ask!