I really believe when some people look at “successful” people, they look at what they own in order to judge just how successful they are, but recently, I have been thinking about this. There are two kinds of success.

There is the first kind of success, the kind where you work 24/7, have beautiful things but no time to enjoy them and then the second kind, the kind where you work the hours you choose and have all of the time you like to spend with loved ones. Which is the most important kind of success to you?

Now it is true, you can break the mould and have beautiful things and all the time you need or want to enjoy them, however, this involves choosing the right business model that would allow you to do this!

First of all, STOP swapping your money for time! Getting paid an hourly wage, means you will always have to work to make money. Now I am not saying you should go ahead and quit your job right away, but think about it, if you work for an hourly wage, your income will always be limited by the amount of hours you can physically work.

Second, WORK SMART, NOT HARD! Passive or Residual income models are my favourite as you can earn money while you sleep, holiday or spend time with friends, but even if you choose a business model, make sure you choose one that will continue to make you money when you step away from it (even if that’s via hiring a virtual assistant to do some of the work) If you don’t do this, you have a job not a business!

Lastly, Believe in yourself, the thing I notice time and time again about successful people, is the belief mechanism they have in themselves that they will succeed. Visualize it if you can!!!

Just remember, the kind of success you want will help you decide on the kind of business model you would like.


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