One of the ways I have made money online in the past is via selling online at EBay. Amazon and on my own website, but the one thing I get asked over and over is “What do I sell?”

The key to finding a profitable product is finding a niche. My brother and I run a website called E-Commerce Coach ( that has a lot of information on creating a business selling online. Yesterday, I created some videos for this website, that I thought I would share with you guys too, as this resource will be very useful for beginners.

The first two videos, are about finding a niche and deciding what to sell, and the third video looks at where you can source these products as a beginner just starting out in your online business.

So… If you want to learn how to find hot selling products on EBay and Amazon, then check out these two videos:

And if you want to learn the first stop places to source these items, check out this video…

If you are interested in learning more about selling online or online E-commerce business, then check out my other website which my brother and I run together at

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It’s time to take action guys!


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