Welcome to the tools and resources section of my website.

This is where I list some of the most important tools I use both personally and in my business.

I hope it is of some help to you 🙂


Morning Ritual Mastery– A course designed to help you create a morning ritual that will make you more productive, focused and goal orientated. Follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most successful people such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and even Benjamin Frankin by creating a morning ritual that will work for you. Click the banner below to find out more.

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Kindle Publishing Tools

K Book Promotions- K Book Promotions is an all in one publishing suite, it literally has loads of tools for you to not only publish your book (such as HTML description generator) but also market and track your book. This software allows you to automate much of your publishing business and is an absolute must have! I have also organised a free trial for you with the K Book Promotions Guys, so it’s worthwhile just for that!



K Money Mastery- This course is one I would not have started my journey without. It’s an absolutely incredible course that teaches you step by step how to publish on Kindle, and not just the publishing side, but the research, marketing and much more. I really cannot speak highly enough about it and for $67 its a steal! It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well, but trust me the value in this course is incredible! You can see my full video review of it on the course trials page 🙂

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Fotolia- Fotolia is a great little website for purchasing photographs, I have put this in the Kindle section as you will need photographs for covers, but I will also add it into the general section. Photos from this site are extremely cheap and have a high download quota for commercial use, so great all round really!


ECommerce Resources

World Wide Brands- World wide Brands is an amazing resource for finding dropshippers who are willing to ship directly to your customers and traditional wholesale suppliers. It has literally hundreds of suppliers listed and all of them are verified which is the best part as you know you are dealing with genuine companies. It does have a price tag, but if you are serious about making money in the e-commerce field it could save you an awful lot of time and money trying to find reputable suppliers.


Big Commerce- I love this resource, it makes creating your own online store a breeze and has so many cool features including automatically posting to Ebay, creating and posting in a Facebook store and so much more! The great thing about it is, if you are totally new to e-commerce it makes the whole process so much more simple! Best of all, there is a FREE trial to test out all of it’s incredible features!

big commerce


Marketing Tools

Clickfunnels- Probably my favourite tool of all time. Period! This tool totally changed my business, I have created websites in it, 90% of my landing pages are created in Clickfunnels and the membership sales funnel for my courses are created here. You can also sell products direct from this platform. If you are involved in online business, whether that be e-commerce, affiliate marketing, blogging or you have your own products- Then you NEED Clickfunnels. And click the banner below to get a free trial!


Get Response- Get Response is an email autoresponder, and it is a fantastic tools. It offers more features than it’s competitors at a lower price so presents great value for money. In Get Response you can create landing pages, set up tasks that move your contacts from one campaign to another and even host webinars! Great tool at a great price. Click the banner below to get your free trial!

get response

Generally Helpful

Fotolia- This one is also in the kindle section, but has cheap stock photos for all manner of occasions and I often use them to design the graphics for my websites and social media.