One of the biggest challenges you will face when starting a business on Amazon, is what to sell. How do you know what products will fly and which will not when trying to figure out what to sell on Amazon?

Well, luckily, there are a few research methods you can utilise which are extremely easy to use, which will take some of the guess work out of it. It’s one of the most important tasks you will do as an Amazon seller and can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run if you take your time on this stage. The last thing you want is your hard earned money sitting tied up in stock you’re unable to sell.

So let’s begin shall we…

The above video will show you visually the methods of research I am discussing in this post, so if you would like a demonstration as well as an explanation please feel free to watch that.

What to Sell on Amazon – Research Method 1

So the first step in finding the best products to sell on Amazon, it to utilise Amazon’s very own search system.

By going to Amazon’s search bar and typing in [] (Open square bracket then closed square bracket) and clicking search, Amazon will then bring you up pages of hot selling items!

You can narrow this search down a little by choosing a category on the left of the search bar before adding the brackets and searching, so if you know you would like to sell in a certain niche, this is a method you can utilise.

What to Sell on Amazon- Research Method 2

If you are struggling for ideas for products you would like to check out, then try ‘narrowing down niches’ for example, think of a product, and example of this I have used previously was horse saddles.

When researching horse saddles, I found it was a niche that was very brand orientated (this means that there were a couple of large brand names that dominated the market and the none brand ones were not selling well.) So I then thought about the customer, what does a customer who needs a horse saddle also need?

Riding boots, Riding Hats, Saddle Soap?

I researched these items and saddle soap turned out to be a great seller!

So, look around the room your sitting in write a list of 5 products you see around you, there will be loads!

Computers, printers, TV’s, footstool, kitchen scales, the list is endless. And then for each of these products, write down 5 more that someone who owned that product might also use.

For example


-Laptop Case

-External Hard Drive

-Portable Modem

-External CD Drive

-Laptop Charger

So you should now have a list of 30 products to utilise research method 2 with.

Research method 2 involves checking Amazon’s best seller ranks.

To do this search for one of the items on your list on Amazon.

Select one of the non branded items to click on. This is important as the stock you will be buying will more than likely be generic brands, so you need to do your research using brands that are not the market leaders. (Market leaders for example would be Iphone as opposed to a relatively unknown brand of smart phone)

Scroll part way down the page and under the product information section you will see a number next to the words best seller rank.

You want this number to be under 30,000 (ideally under 10,000) make sure you check a couple of the products that came up in the search to ensure that one isn’t just a fluke!

The lower the number, the better a seller the item is!

I utilise a google chrome plugin to make this task a little faster, and what that does is load the best seller ranks on the bottom of the search results. This saves time as I don’t have to click on individual products.

If you are doing your research on a PC and using chrome, I would highly recommend this plugin which you can download by searching ‘DS Amazon Quick View’ on the Google Chrome Store.

There’s also another great little Google Chrome plugin which while you are doing your research will pop up with little links for the products you are searching and you get paid to click them, so it’s a great little app to earn some pennies whilst you research. You can get Qmee by clicking HERE

What to Sell on Amazon- Research Method 3

You should now have a list of a few products to take into the next research stage.

The next stage is where you will utilise Camel Camel Camel to ensure a product has been a good seller over the course of a few months, rather than because someone has driven some paid traffic to it as a one off.

So you will need a Camel Camel Camel account which is free, and then you will need to copy and paste the ASIN number into the Camel Camel Camel bar. (this is a unique ID number and every product on Amazon has one, you will find it in the product information section alongside the best seller rank.)

What this does is brings up past data for the product.

You then need to scroll down to the graph and select the tab that says Sales Rank. Then select 6 months at the right, and the graph will then give you the performance of the best seller rank over the past six months.

What you are looking for, is that the product has consistently been under the 30,000 best seller rank and is not just a one off due to a holiday or sale.

This will give you more confidence in the products viability long term.

Not every product will be listed on this site, if you are looking at a product that has not been released very long, then chances are the graph will read not enough data.

I would try and stay away from products which don’t have a data graph if you can.

What to Sell on Amazon- Research Method 4

Utilise Ebay!

Eventually, you will want to grow your business, and so it’s always worth looking at whether your product will sell on competing platforms.

However, if an item does sell on Ebay it’s likely that it’s a good seller on Amazon too. So I always check out this as a backup.

Once I have been through all four methods, I am pretty confident my product will sell.

So, you will need to log into EBay and into your Ebay account, and then search for your item.

On the left in the options, you will see a button for ‘completed listings’

What this does is loads of the the items that have ended on ebay, and the unsold ones will be displayed in black, with the sold ones being displayed in green.

You want a minimum of 40-50% of these items in green!

I hope this has helped you establish what to sell on Amazon. These methods are very much a rinse and repeat project, so once you have found one project, you can then repeat the process to find another and so on.

Ideally, you want products that are not brand reliant and are going to have good profit in them.

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